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Some divorce lawyers are zealous advocates who rely on passion, charged emotions and righteous indignation to win their cases. Others are tenacious and aggressive and will do whatever they legally and ethically can to win — regardless of what “winning” actually costs the client. Both can be very effective at what they do. Both can fail miserably just as often.

The question to ask yourself is this:

“What do I want my life to be like after the divorce?”

At Schmidt & Schmidt, we believe in an approach using tack, diplomacy, reason and compassion to help all parties concerned come to a realistic agreement. In our experience, people who are getting a divorce have enough charged emotions happening and don’t need any fuel added to the fires already burning.

There are two kinds of divorces, ‘contested’ and ‘uncontested’. A contested divorce is where the sides are unable to reach an agreement. This inability to reach an agreement may stem from actual or perceived problems or concerns about the other party that are perhaps too difficult for the parties to over come.

An uncontested divorce is where the two sides are able to come to an agreement, this contract is called a Marital Settlement Agreement. This contract is then made apart of your divorce and it becomes an order in your final divorce decree.

Our divorce and divorce-related services include:

  • Mediation – an attempt to reach a guided and reasonable agreement.
  • Temporary orders – court orders during the ongoing divorce action
  • Child placement – where the children live
  • Preliminary property division – for pre-agreed property divisions
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Paternity/DNA testing – for non-marital children
  • Alimony and spousal maintenance
  • Property division
  • Guardian ad litem situations
  • Children in need of protective services (CHIPS) where the county has stepped in to protect children
  • Post-divorce modifications
  • Custodial parent relocation – when the parent with primary placement is moving

No Matter How You Feel Right Now …
Revenge Is Truly a Dish Best Served Cold

Sometimes a divorce catches one party off guard, a complete surprise. Or one party has committed a breach of the marriage causing a complete breakdown of trust, respect and love.

Emotions run high – sometime very high. If you, or someone you know has fallen into one of these categories; PLEASE, PLEASE have them seek out professional mental health counseling immediately. It is impossible to offer guidance and proper legal counseling when a party to a divorce has emotions running away.

Revenge and divorce are ‘deadly’. Please seek professional health counseling as soon as possible. While these emotions will be temporary, there is no reason to be overly sad, angry, frustrated or revengeful for what is happening.

Because Wisconsin is a “no-fault” divorce state, all that is needed in order to complete a divorce is that one of you state that the “Marriage is Irretrievably Broken”.

When a divorce has been filed you need a law firm that can help you identify whether your marriage is irretrievably broken or in need of serious mediation. You need an attorney who understands the legal time guidelines for filing divorce petitions and the time frame for how soon remarriage can occur after a divorce. And when it comes to property division, you need a lawyer who can explain the differences among real property, personal property and debt.

You also need a friend interested in finding solutions to your problems — not in creating new ones and in racking up billable hours in the process.

Friends are what you’ll find here.

If money is an issue or you and your spouse are able to cooperate with one another, try our low cost alternative – DIVORCE FORM ASSISTANCE – where our firm offers assistance to you to assist you with filing in the divorce forms necessary to get your divorce done with a minimum of hassle as possible. Call to learn more.

Lastly, we would like to mention that Andrew Schmidt is a guardian ad litem. This means he is a licensed attorney whose role is to represent the best interests of children during investigations and court processes. As a result of his experiences in this capacity, he has seen firsthand the devastating effects that mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse, ADD/ADHD and obsessive-compulsive disorders can have on families. He is determined to help clients avoid these consequences wherever he possibly can.

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