Hawaiian Wedding/Renewal Vows


(Religious and very nice)
Reverend Lennie Kameleonalani Mo’ikeha Pokipala

(This is one of many vow renewal ceremonies. It may be customized with your own choice of words whether it be “Renewal of Vows” or a stand alone ceremony)

Aloha, Aloha ka kou

The home is to provide the sweetest, most precious and enduring relationship on earth. The value can best be described by these words, “sweeter as the years go by”. Marriage is a life long commitment not to be entered into thoughtlessly or lightly.

(Groom) and (Bride) you have realized this and you have grown together as one, in your love, And today you wish to renew your commitments and wedding vows and to pursue this enduring, loving and sacred relationship that you have created on the foundation of your everlasting love.

(God/Life) has blessed this union and this blessing has been received, with loved, faith and hope. Compassion and peace has one of your prime responsibilities and today you will continue to create a bond of everlasting love and devotion for all the rest of your days.

When you married ___ Years ago you had no idea what (God/Life) had in store for you, Your togetherness as husband and wife, at times may have been under difficult circumstances, doing with out some of the necessities of life, and even may have depended on the love offerings of others for your survival. When you took your wedding vows that day you promised to love each other weather rich or poorer, and in sickness and health, you kept that vow as you stand here today remaining true to each other through even difficult times.

At times your circumstances may have required grate faith, and you faith never wavered, deep in your hearts. I know it’s hard to count all your hardships and sheer joys, However, because of the blessings you have received, you have been given, ___ children who love and respect you, And ___ adoring grandchildren, who are the fruit of love.

Your marriage is the most important commitment in your lives, and you are the most important persons to each other. As your love grows deeper each year and more comfortable, so to dose your relationship it has gone beyond any thing you could have imagined and as you stand here, before this gathering of friends and family you will compassionately and joyfully reaffirm your love and wedding vows.

Let us pray, (O Lord/O Eternal) giver of life author and poet of love thank you for (Groom) and (Bride) deep love and joy that they hold for each other. Thank you for all their family and friends that also rejoice in their love. (that could not be here today), Bless them now as they confirm their promise and love to each other as they make their commitment in all sincerity and truth and continue to keep them forever more. (Amen.)

To depend on someone is truly a blessing in life, to have someone to share the joys and to share the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the air and to celebrate a marriage of ___ years it proves that marriage dose and can work. It is a gift to witness this kind of relation ship and this celebration of eternal love.

Repeat after me:

I, (Groom) Renew my vows of marriage to you (Bride) you are my life partner, best friend and companion. You are the supporter of my dreams and guardian of my heart I will spend all the rest of my days at your side my love I thank you (Bride) for providing a nurturing challenging and loving environment in which to grow. What I promised before I gladly promise again to love you honor you and respect you above all others.

I, (Bride) All that we have learned every experience that we have encountered led us to this moment. (Bride) renew my vows of marriage to you (Groom) You are my life partner, my best friend and companion, you also are the supporter of my dreams and the guardian of my heart I will spend the rest of my days by your side my love. Thank you (Groom) for providing a nurturing challenging and loving environment in witch to grow, what I have promised before I gladly promise again to love you honor you and respect you above all others.


How I love you still my beautiful (Wife/Husband) and how proud I am to be your (Husband/Wife) I gladly renew the promise I made to you ____ years ago and pledge myself to you again this day with love as fresh as the day I married you I love you.

Exchange of Wedding Rings

Rings are symbolic of the completed bond. The ring is without a beginning or end the ring goes on forever. Circles of life, circles of love, these rings are given and received as a token of continuous never ending Love and Devotion.

Blessing (Optional)

At this time I ask that you place the rings in my hand.

Hawaiian: Hiki ka haku ho’omaika’i ke’ia mau komo ke’la’ oe hau’oli mehe kou ho’ailona o aloha a la’ahia. Amene

English: (May the Lord), (I) Bless the these rings which you give to each other as your sign of love, devotion and ever lasting peace. Amen

Ring Vows:

Repeat after me:

I, (Groom/Bride) I give you this ring as a token of my abiding love I give to you all that I have, all that I am now ,and all that I will ever be. Let us Celebrate our love for all the years to come. I Love You. With this ring I Wed/Rewed.


Now as you are, you will always be there as partners, companions, Lovers, helpmates, and friends. Now that you have reconfirmed your love and vows to each other, stay close and cling tenderly yet tightly as you continue to journey through this world.

Keep trusting each other. Being gentle with your feelings, Keep cherishing your dreams, share your joys and hurts.

Let the times you fall short be free and be forgiven. And let the times you surpass your needs and hopes be many.

Continue to believe in each other. Desire not to change or posses, but only to know each other honestly and completely.

Respect your individuality and the things that make you unique. Honor your togetherness and the things that make you one.

Care for each other truly and deeply, putting your commitment before all else. Live for your Love and your love will live forever.

May all the beautiful gifts that come with the promises of a long loving marriage bring never-ending happiness to both of you.

I now pronounce you as a loving, caring couple in love as Husband and Wife

(Groom) You may [once again] kiss your beautiful bride.

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