How To Book A Wedding With Andrew Schmidt


Please review your calendars for possible dates. Your photographer, hall rental and officiant reservations should be made about the same time. You may call or write to me at:
866-514-1627 or write [email protected]

When you CALL me please have the following information:

  1. Where will the wedding be held;
  2. When (date and time) the wedding will be held;
  3. Your names and mailing address; and
  4. Contact information such as phone numbers and email address.

Since I often perform more than one wedding on a Saturday I do need to know the above information to allocate proper time for drive and last minute pre-wedding details.

What are the rates to officiate my wedding?

Weekdays in my office are the least expensive. Weekends are based on the distance I drive. Wausau and the immediate surrounding towns and villages have lower rates. The price goes up for longer distances from Wausau. To get a firm price please CALL Mr. Schmidt at 715-845-9621 to get a firm price.

What should I remember when planning my wedding?

I like to say, “Why get married if you can’t have fun?!” I know that when planning a wedding things can go wrong and there will be miscommunications. Please use lists. Please keep it simple.

What is the best way to make a reservation with you?

CALL! I cannot state this enough. I sometime do not get to my e-mails for several days. Leave a message if I am with a client or out of the office. Please leave a number for me that I can call early or late, or please tell me when you are not available. Reservations are typically made only about a year out.

How do you confirm our wedding appointment?

I will send to you a letter with information given to me. Please verify it. If there is an error let me know promptly. If you change the time or location, you MUST CALL ME ASAP! Do not assume I have free time on either side of your initial date and time.

When do I pay you?

When you received my confirmation letter I will have enclosed a self-addressed envelope. Please put your check payment in there payable to “ANDREW SCHMIDT”. Please pay by cash here in my office. If you want to pay by credit card, I take Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What kind of weddings are there?

How far does your imagination go? I have performed weddings in a working dairy barn, on sand bars, in a bar, on a sandy beach, on a boat, on an island, next to the water at your home or that of a close friend, in the back yard, side yard, front yard and in the house, in the garage under a single bare bulb, in a corn field, in a town hall, church, temple, in a gazebo, in the garden, under a grape trellis, on a rock on Rib Mountain or on a rock in the Eau Claire Dells.

Are deviations allowed from a traditional wedding?

Most weddings with lots of family and friends involve the basic three points; (1) a Processional, (2) the Vows and (3) the Recessional. This is traditional. Alternatives are welcome as long I know about them in advance and there is no mean-spiritedness towards anyone. By the way I do not like getting wet; dry cleaning gets expensive.

What about wedding vows?

Please let me know of your vows ASAP. State law requires that I get few necessary words out of you to be legal. The rest is … well ‘fluff’! This is not a religious wedding. I am not a minister. But we can have prayers, blessings and other readings from scripture inserted into the vows. I have several wedding vows on my website. Vow numbers 9, 10 and 14 were written by me. If you would like to say something to your love, please let me know to see if it can be inserted and how it would be best used.

How long are your ceremonies?

That does really depend on you, but the wedding vows themselves are not that long. If you do not insert a long reading or a song, then ceremony is typically 20 minutes from the Processional to the Recessional.

When do we sign the Wedding License?

I typically like to do this just after your receiving line. But due to time constraints we can do this before the wedding. Please bring two adult witnesses – as required by state law.

What other useful tips have you seen at weddings?

  1. Water and soft drinks on ice in a canoe on hot days.
  2. Chairs that are in the shade.
  3. No cameras in front of the first row of chairs or behind the officiant during the vows.
  4. No sweet perfumes in August or September as they attract yellow jackets.
  5. The bride and groom need to speak up or have on a small wireless microphone if they are quiet.
  6. Be aware of your location for road noise can really interfere with a fun ceremony.
  7. If using a city or county park, you are best advised to reserve your site ASAP.
  8. Be early to set up. People arrive about ½ hour early.
  9. Choose the theme for dress. From dress to ‘Impress’ to ‘just-washed’ casual. Western, country, Harley, swim beach, formal, outdoors, hunting, skiing/winter can all leave fun memories.
  10. DO NOT put down wedding runners on the grass. You are asking for tripping hazard. Use paper Rose Petals instead.
  11. REMEMBER – Why get married if you can’t have fun?

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