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Marriage officiating is one of the more unique services our firm offers. Attorney Andrew Schmidt is available for civil wedding officiating, primarily in Marathon and Lincoln County, but also anywhere else in Wisconsin. Typically called a justice of the peace or a court commissioner, Andrew can perform the solemnization required for a legal marriage or can officiate wedding vows so that you can become married.

If you have not yet decided on the vows you and your fiancé(e) will take, we have a number of sample vows for you to choose from if interested. Two of these vows were authored by Mr. Schmidt himself. To a large extent, all of these vows can be modified, except for the portion of the vows where you promise to take your partner as your spouse in marriage.

Costs or Honorarium

Fees, or honorarium, are typical for wedding officials. Judges cannot ask for fees during their normal business hours, but at other times, fees and gratuities are permissible.

Generally, the cost to have Andrew officiate ranges between $100 (in his office on weekdays) to $175 if the ceremony is in the city of Wausau or its surrounding townships. Outside this area, to perform your ceremony, he typically receives $200 or more mostly due to time and travel. If you are outside of Marathon or Lincoln County, please ask for a quote. These prices are valid until December 31, 2015.

Andrew’s Suggestions for a Great Wedding

• Keep it fun!

• Call or write far enough in advance to reserve the wedding date. Please call as soon as possible to check on date and availability. My schedule is planned about 1 year out.

• Please DO NOT CHANGE the wedding time or date without first talking to Andrew to ensure availability.

• Telephone calls are preferred as Andrew can answer your questions faster.

• Please have your guests arrive 15-20 minutes early; maybe having drinks and a light snack will allow increased socialization.

• Reserve a place and make necessary deposits.

• The actual ceremony will take about 10-20 minutes and the receiving line will take between 20-40 minutes. Signing your marriage documents is typically done before the ceremony, but before can also work.

• Call and write your family and friends with the date, time and location have a map to your wedding and reception.

• Review the sample wedding vows. You may use your own vows. You must send them to Andrew in advance. Andrew needs to review them for proper formatting. Please avoid the “cut and paste” approach. This always leads to long wedding vows.

• If outdoors, a tent or other alternative location is absolutely necessary. See Andrew’s favorite outdoor locales in Marathon County.

• Plan for a style, and keep it simple. If outdoors – avoid anything very fancy, go light on the decorations and have something for the kids to do. HINT: No runners on grass! Heels get caught!

• If you have children you want to include in the wedding you can have them also pledge to become a part of the new family or if they are younger they can be with you during the ceremony. Children’s vows are ad-libbed depending on the age and shyness of the children.

• With in 20 days of your wedding please call Andrew to get his weekend telephone number, firm up on the ceremony details and which wedding vows you would like.

• Please let us know what you have in mind to see how it will fit.

• Please remember to have FUN!

STATE PARKS including Amphitheater top of Rib Mountain at Rib Mountain State Park; Park Ranger: 715-842-2522. Council Grounds State Park, Merrill; Park Ranger: 715-536-8773.

CITY/COUNTY PARKS: Wausau/Marathon County Parks System; Park Office: 715-261-1550. Sylvan Hills City Park, Eau Claire Dells County Park, Eau Pleine County Park, Oak Island/Isle of the Ferns City Park, Cherokee County Park, Stewart Park City Park, Riverside/Picnic Island City Park, Pleasant View City Park, Marathon Park (East Gate Hall, Big Kitchen, Gazebo, Big Woods).

TWO SISTERS WEDDING CHAPEL, Moon, Wisconsin (SW of Mosinee). 715-359-4425. Search: “Two Sisters Wedding Chapel, Mosinee”

WILLOW SPRINGS GARDENS, Town of Maine, 715-675-1171. Andrea & Peggy Gilbertson.


WESTWOOD CONFERENCE CENTER, Wausau, Wisconsin. 715-847-9200.


JEFFERSON STREET INN, Wausau, Wisconsin. Banquet Hall or in a Luxury Suite. 715-845-6500.

ROTHSCHILD PAVILLION, Rothschild, Wisconsin. 715-359-3660.

FIRST UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, Wausau, Wisconsin. 715-842-3697.

The “back yard” of family or friends.

At the family cabin as long as it is in Wisconsin.

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