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Probate can be an expensive, complicated process that leaves your surviving family members confused, angry and without the assets you intended to give them. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with proper estate planning now you can “die broke,” essentially – making a plan to have all of your assets given away before your death and make the probate process a simple and straightforward one for everyone concerned.

At Schmidt & Schmidt, we provide knowledgeable guidance and quality estate planning, probate and estate administration services to families and individuals throughout North Central Wisconsin. Contact us today for probate and estate administration advice from a lawyer you can trust.

What Happens After Is Largely Up to You

Once you die, your will and your death certificate are filed with the probate register. A petition for formal probate or informal probate is then filed with the probate court. Sometimes on larger estates, a hearing will be ordered to determine the personal representative (formerly known as the executor), the legal heirs and the veracity of the will.

Informal probate is fairly simple, fast and very affordable. It is used in the vast majority of probate actions and is most appropriate for non-contested matters or simple estates. Formal probate, as you might have guessed, can be lengthier, more complex and more expensive. It is used when there are complex issues that were not resolved before death. The ONLY way to avoid probate is to “die broke”.

Generally speaking, probate gets expensive when (1) there is fighting amongst the decedent’s relatives, (2) when there are a large number of claims against the estate, (3) when there is a lot of debt to be resolved or paid, or (4) when the estate is large and has been poorly managed. Making the correct decisions now, with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney, can minimize the chances of this happening.

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