Boundary Disputes

Last year in the eastern part of our county Attorney Andrew Schmidt assisted a couple with a most distressing problem. When they bought their house on 3 acres of land they were told were the property corners should be. In fact there were ‘sticks’ where the property corners were according to the seller. The couple did not have the property surveyed. In a unique provision in an addendum to the Real Estate Offer to Purchase the buyers were advised to have the property surveyed. In order to save money the husband ‘paced’ off the dimensions. It turns out that after this couple spent tens of thousands of dollars on a pole building/garage they find out that 16 feet of the building was on the property of the owners to the north. Those owners demanded the buildings removal immediately.

What went wrong? No Survey and relying on a person’s words.

What can be done? The owners had commenced a lawsuit demanding the garage be removed. Instead of fighting, the couple and the land owner, with aid of Attorney Andrew Schmidt, reach a settlement whereby the couple was able to purchase the needed real estate in order for the couple to keep the garage and make the property suitably sized for its intended use.

Contact our law offices if you are experiencing problems with your neighbors or the property lines between you both.

Not all cases end without litigation and in the above example the couple paid dearly for the additional one-half acre of land needed but it was far cheaper than moving the garage after the expense of a court proceeding.

Our attorney Andrew Schmidt can sit with you to review your boundary line dispute.

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